For your purchasing convenience, Plush Mattress offers our customers Layaway, to make it easy for you to buy the furniture that you want then paying for them through easy installment payments and terms. Layaway allows you to divide you purchase price over a small number of payments that you set. Use Layaway to plan and budget your home furnishing purchases!

It’s simple, click here to create a free layaway account then start shopping! When you shop in our Online Showroom, you can then make use of the Layaway button that you will see next to every product!


How many payments can be set-up for a Layaway?
2 to 12 payments can be set up for a Layaway. However, the Layaway period cannot be exceed 12 months.

How much are each of the Layaway payments?
Your payment amount will vary depending on the price of your products, and the number of payments you want to make.

How do I make my payments?
There are a few easy steps: (1) Click HERE to setup or log in to your account and then click on “Layaways”. You will see the products that you have placed on layaway; (2) Click “Make Layaway Payment” and (3) enter your billing information and click “Confirm”.

Will payments be made automatically?
No. Your payments must be made by you through the method described above.  We will send email reminders periodically.

Can I change the amount or number of my payments?
No. Your number of payments and amount of each payment remain the same as setup when the products are placed on Layaway. However, you may make payments as frequently as you want.

Do I have to put any money down for Layaway?
Yes. When you place a product on Layaway, you will be prompted to make your first payment.  The Layaway will not be saved without the first payment.

Are shipping charges and sales tax included in my payments?
Sales tax, if applicable, and shipping fees are included in your payments.

What happens when I complete my payments?
You will be taken to our shopping cart where you will enter your billing and shipping information. Then you will receive an order confirmation email and your product will be delivered or available for pick up.

Can I find out how much shipping will cost?
When you add products to the Layaway, you will be required to enter your city, state, and zip code to calculate your shipping cost, if any.

Which products can I choose for Layaway?
All of the products in our Online Showroom are currently available for Layaway without exception.

Does my product need to be in-stock to be placed on Layaway?
You may place a currently out-of-stock item on Layaway. While we do our best to remove products discontinued by our manufacturers from our Online Showroom, we cannot guarantee that an out-of-stock item will come back into stock.

What if my product is out-of-stock when I complete my payments?
You may wait for your product to come back into stock. We will notify you if we receive word that your product has been discontinued. If you do not wish to wait for the product, you may cancel your Layaway and apply the funds added to your Layaway purchase towards another product in our Online Showroom. Cancellations due to a product being out-of-stock are not subject to the cancellation fee. However, refunds will be issued as store credit to be applied towards another purchase.

Can I change the product I have on Layaway?
You may cancel your current Layaway purchase and create a new layaway purchase. The funds applied to your canceled Layaway purchase may be applied to your new Layaway purchase, less the cancellation fee of 25% of the full retail value of the product at the time that the product was placed on Layaway. Contact us for more details.

Can I cancel my order on Layaway?
Canceled layaway orders are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of the full retail value of the product at the time that the product was placed on Layaway. Any remaining funds added towards your purchase will be available to you as store credit to be applied towards another purchase.